Surface-mounted vents

Vent Three 125

Surface-mounted vent THREE 125 is elegantly underscored by a 30 millimeter wide frame. With his lean construction, the design come across in an inconspicuous, classic form.

  • Surface-mounted air vent for supply and exhaust air, for flexible use in all interior spaces
  • 30 millimeter wide vent frame
  • Installation on ceilings and walls
  • 100 percent free cross section for DN 125 air ducts
  • Combination option with Tecanno inserts for air regulation and filtration
  • Flush cover guarantees unchanging design
  • Symmetrical, flow-optimized passage of air
  • Protected design patent, hand crafted in Germany
  • Made of sheet steel with electrostatic powder coating (RAL colour 9016-20, layer thickness approx. 60 µm)

Item Number: 0003125_9016-20

Tecanno air outlets are designed for use with both supply and exhaust air and have a 100 percent free cross section for DN 100 and DN 125 air ducts. We have developed inserts for air regulation and air filtering especially for our air vents. A volume flow regulator regulates air current. For exhaust air, the filter insert with 3M High Air Flow filter material is ideal. The volume flow regulator can be combined with a filter to allow exhaust air regulation.

Volume flow regulator 125 for infinitely variable air regulation (Item No. 10125)
Filter insert + 2x Filter 125 keeps out dust particles (Item No. 20125)
Filter 3M High Air flow 125 (5 pcs.) suitable for filter insert and volume flow regulator (Item No. 30125

Our air vents have an electrostatic powder coating in the colour RAL 9016-20 (Traffic white).

Powder coating in all valid RAL Classic colours from the 840-HR and RAL 841-GL primary standards as well as special coatings such as lacquer are optional for an extra charge.

Tecanno air vent THREE 125 for supply and exhaust air in design-type construction (0003125-9016-20).

For installation on ceilings and walls via 125 mm connecting pieces. 100 percent freely usable cross section. Can be combined with volume flow regulator or filter insert from Tecanno. The flush cover ensures a consistently slim design with a symmetrical, flow-optimized air throughput. Vent made of sheet steel with electrostatic powder coating (RAL 9016-20). Hand crafted in Germany. Registered design patent.

Manufacturer: Tecanno
Type: Vent Three 125
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 260 x 260 x 12
Item No.: 0003125-9016-20