Volume Flow Regulator 100

Going in circles. With our volume flow regulator, you can regulate the supply and exhaust air. The insert can be combined with a 3M High Air Flow filter.

  • Volume flow regulator for infinitely variable air regulation
  • For supply or exhaust air
  • Insert developed especially for Tecanno air vents
  • For use in all Tecanno surface-mounted and recessed air vents 100
  • Simple click installation
  • Can be combined with a filter to allow exhaust air regulation
  • Can be replaced by a filter insert with free filtration surface (exhaust air cannot be regulated)
  • Protected by patent, made in Germany
  • Made of ABS plastic

Item Number: 10100

Tecanno volume flow regulator 100 for infinitely variable supply and exhaust air regulation. Can be combined with 3M High Air Flow (HAF) filter. Protected by patent, made in Germany. Made of ABS plastic, white.

Manufacturer: Tecanno
Type: Volume flow regulator 100
Dimensions (diameter) in mm: 91
Item No.: 10100