Surface-mounted vents

Vent One 100

The smart vent. The vent ONE 100 is our smallest surface-mounted vent.

Vent Three 100

Straight. The clear design harmonise perfectly with all modern interior concepts.

Vent Five 100

More than just a vent. A question of style. The surface-mounted vent FIVE 100 combines technique and high-end design requirements.

Vent Frame 100

Not ordinary. Set accents with our FRAME 100 vent and a front in a choice of glass or brushed stainless steel.

Vent Square 100

Think ‚square’ and feel soothing, fresh air. The SQUARE 100 vent makes an impression with simple, efficient geometry.

Vent Big Square 100

Design in the square. The vent BIG SQUARE 100 is suitable for use as an air diffuser and ensures even air distribution.

Vent One 125

Light as a feather and elegant. ONE 125 is a surface-mounted air vent for supply and exhaust air and for flexible use in all interior spaces.

Vent Three 125

Surface-mounted vent THREE 125 is elegantly underscored by a 30 millimeter wide frame. With his lean construction, the design come across in an inconspicuous, classic form.

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